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Compliance Officer:

Cindy Gomez
Director of Compliance
(559) 791-3838

Privacy Officer:

Debbie Zeboskey
Director of HIM
(559) 788-6066

Jared Harness
Compliance Audit Analyst
(559) 791-3917

Timothy Jeffers III
HIM Privacy Coordinator
(559) 791-4706

To file a report anonymously:

Call the Compliance Hotline: (559) 791-4777


Fill out the online report form by clicking on the Hotlink: ONLINE REPORT FORM


Print and fill out a form here: Issue Report Form

Submit forms using the Compliance Drop Box, located in the SVMC Mail Room (lock-box)

Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) is committed to providing quality health care in an environment that promotes compliance with applicable laws and regulations, SVMC Policies and Procedures and appropriate ethical standards.

To ensure that we fulfill this commitment, SVMC established the Compliance Program in 2001. The Compliance Office is led by Cindy Gomez, Director of Compliance. She is assisted by Jared Harness, Compliance Audit Analyst, and the Compliance Committee, which includes directors and members of senior management. The Director of Compliance reports to the President/CEO and to the Board of Directors of SVMC.
SVMC is committed to ensuring that the Compliance Program’s Policies and Procedures provide guidelines that define your responsibilities and describe our expectations regarding your conduct, and the conduct of your colleagues, in the workplace.

For Code Of Conduct: Click Here

For Compliance Policies and Procedures: Click Here
Or click on the policy links below to open directly.

Polices to Read

To report suspected wrongful conduct:

All reports will be kept confidential to the extent possible, and subject to the limits imposed by the law. SVMC has a strict non-retaliation policy to protect employees and others who report problems and concerns, in good faith, from retaliation or retribution for reporting the concern.

You may make a report by using one of the following options:

Report to your supervisor or director.
Report to the Director of Compliance 559-791-3838
Report to the Compliance Audit Analyst 559-791-3917
Report using the Compliance Hotline 559-791-4777
Compliance Issue Report Form (Lock-box in the Mail Room).
To print an Issue Report Form and instructions: Issue Report Form