Interpreter Service List

For Interpreting Time Recording Document: Interpreter Services Time Recording

For Spanish and All Other Languages Use the Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN)

List updated 09/13/2018


First Name

Last Name





Janet Lemus HCIN/SVDH 2600 Shared Interpreter
Spanish Blanca Leon Credit/Collections 7886002
Spanish Joyceline Villasana Cath Lab 2308
Spanish Carina Martinez CDU 2383
Spanish Alicia Puerta CT Scan 2614 Weekends
Spanish Mireya Flores ER 2222
Spanish Erica Rice ER 2222
Spanish Janette Rivera ER 2222
Spanish Maritza Ruiz ER 2222
Spanish Irma Torres EVS 4376
Spanish Aurora Astorga FBC 6134
Spanish Flor Avila FBC 6134
Spanish Lisset Tapia FBC 6134
Spanish Cindy Lopez FBC 6134
Spanish Alma Arredondo FBC 6134
Spanish Elisa Fernandez FBC 6134
Spanish Nayeli Luna FBC 6134
Spanish Yesenia Gonzalez FBC 6134
Spanish Luis Lopez Flex 2241
Spanish Ana Ramos Float 6116
Spanish Elizabeth Venegas Float 6116
Spanish Beatrice Gutierrez HIM 6070
Spanish Maria Tapia HIM 2513
Spanish Adrienne Cervantes ICU 3207
Spanish Claudia Alvarado ICU 3207
Spanish Leticia Martinez ICU 3207
Spanish Maria E Martinez ICU 3207
Spanish Sarah Ledesma ICU 3207
Spanish Rosalva Maldonado ICU 3207
Spanish Soledad Ceballos Infection Prevention 6054
Spanish Patricia Maldonado Lactation Consultant 3701
Spanish Veronica Venegas Lactation Consultant 3701
Spanish Ana Laura Anaya Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Nazaira Cortez Med/Surg 3303
Spanish Jacqueline Perez Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Blanca Miranda Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Susana Martinez Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Maria Reyes Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Teresa Ruiz Med/Surg 6116
Spanish Gabriela Alvarez Nursing Admin 7887225
Spanish Maria Corona OR 2238
Spanish Amy P. Navarro OR 2238
Spanish Manuela Felix PACU 2241
Spanish Veronica Gutierrez PACU 2241
Spanish Isabel Lopez PACU 2241
Spanish Melissa Mendoza PACU 2241
Spanish Teresita Martin Patient Financial Services 7886003
Spanish Olga O Mendoza Patient Reg 6064
Spanish Vanessa Alcantar Peds 3750
Spanish Maria Alvarado Quality & Regulatory Affairs 6173
Spanish Christina Lopez Renal DIA 3900
Spanish Maria Magana Registration 6147
Spanish Guadalupe Rodarte Social Services 3773
Spanish Sylvia Mandujano Social Services 3773
Spanish Modesto Gonzalez Social Services 3773
Spanish Osvaldo Batres Surgery 2238
Spanish Silvia Valdovinos Surgery 2238
Spanish Alba Miranda Tele 6133
Spanish Laura Rodriguez Tele 6133
Spanish Wendy Lopez Tele 6133
Spanish Debra Sotelo Tele 6133
Spanish Alva Fernandez Urorolgy 3914
Spanish Laura Gonzalez Urology 3914
Spanish Olgalidia Nunez Urology 3914
Spanish Margie. M Valencia FBC 6134
Spanish Vanessa Pena Godoy Registration 6147

Office: (559) 636-3264

Specialized Written Materials and ChartsDeaf and Hearing Impaired Patients: Provision of interpreter service to all deaf and hearing-impaired patients shall be provided by one of the following resources: Fox Interpreting (Visalia, CA) Visually Imparied Patients: Utilization of a guide dog will be permitted. HCIN American sign available 24/7. Speech Impaired Patients: Written tools, chartsAmplification handsets are available to patients. The caregiver may request the devices by contacting the Communication Department.

Mobile: 559.696.9093
Pager: 559.749.8714

“Bilingual employees who have not completed the medical interpreter training course and successfully passed the competency validation may not serve as a medical interpreter. For all situations requiring medical interpretation, (risks and benefits of procedures, consents, patient education, discharge instructions) use the HCIN interpreter staff by accessing extension 6018.”

Please refer to House-Wide Policy & Procedure - Communication Barriers, Removal of and use of interpretive services.