Day 1 – Pre-employment Health Screening

Before you begin your new role, you must complete a pre-employment physical exam.

HR will email you an itinerary of the date, time and location of this appointment.

Map and Directions for Day 1 appointment

This appointment will include

  • A drug screen (if your job requires one)
  • TB test (if a chest x-ray is necessary due to a prior positive TB test, please allow an additional hour to complete the test. If a chest x-ray was done within the last 3 months, please bring documentation with you).
  • Immunization screening
  • Physical exam
  • New Hires in DP/SNF department are required to complete a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to start date.

Please follow dress code standards for your onboarding appointment.

What to Bring
  1. Current Driver’s License or photo identification is required for a drug screening (if your job requires one). Tip: Please hydrate in preparation for urine drug screen and potential lab draws.
  1. Eye Glasses if needed
  1. Immunization/titers records.
  1. Covid-19 vaccine record. If you have not received a Covid-19 vaccine, you will have 10 days following your start date to receive the vaccine and provide proof to Employee Health Department. If you refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine due to a medical condition or a religious belief, please complete one of the 2 forms below. The completed form must be turned in to Employee Health Department prior to your start date. Unvaccinated employees are required to test twice weekly.

Medical Exemption Form

Religious Exemption Form