COVID-19 Exposures

For employee and patient safety, and to comply with Assembly Bill No. 685, SVMC's Employee Health and Infection Control Department will post specific dates and department areas in which an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 below. Please understand that additional information is not available beyond this message to protect the privacy of all involved.

Please be aware that SVMC’s Employee Health and Infection Control Department(s) routinely perform(s) contact tracing when a worker tests positive. This is done to identify those workers at risk for contracting COVID-19 and situations when COVID-19 testing is recommended. If you are identified as one of these individuals, you will be contacted by Employee Health Services to be referred for testing.

For more information about the AB-685 COVID-19, please visit, California Legislative Information.

Date of Positive Test Department/Floor/Other Description
5/8/21 Emergency Department
6/4/21 DPSNF
8/12/21 Project Planning
8/31/21 2nd floor Physician Consultation Room
12/18/21 CDU
1/6/22 Cafe
1/7/22 Project Planning
1/10/22 Cafe
1/11/22 Pharmacy
1/12/22 Flex Care Breakroom