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SVMC Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Show off your SVMC pride next time you hop on a conference call. We have several options for you to choose from! Read the Instructions to set yours up today.

SVMC Logo and Brand Materials

Primary logo for Sierra View Medical Center

Brand Guidelines

SVMC Brand Guidelines: Help Marketing Protect the Brand!

The SVMC brand is made up of our logo, brand colors, and other visual and written elements that our employees and community can quickly identify as SVMC. When we follow our brand guidelines consistently, we send a unified message about who we are as an organization.

SVMC Email Standards: We have a set of email brand standards for you to follow in all of your email communication.
Backgrounds: Only white backgrounds will be allowed. Please do not use custom backgrounds. They may interfere with legibility. Follow these instructions for email background removal.

Email Signatures: Email signatures help others quickly find your contact information. Follow these instructions to set yours up.

Need to Use the SVMC logo?
Help us look our best by visiting our Media Kit for several approved versions of our logo. Please review our brand guidleines before using and let us know if you see the logo being improperly used!

BRAND STANDARDS View this file to learn how to correctly use the SVMC logo and help protect the SVMC Brand.

Questions or Concerns?
If you’re not sure if the way our SVMC logo is being used is correct, please contact Marketing ( The team will be happy to review your concerns.

SVMC Templates

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