Explore Sierra View

New Hire Mingler: February 14, 2019

Welcome to Sierra View Medical Center! Explore Sierra View is an easy way for Human Resources to remind you of important checkpoints and give you helpful tips as you acquaint yourself with Sierra View Medical Center. After completing all steps you will be invited to attend the New Hire Mingler, complete with delicious goodies and raffe prizes. After your 90 day check-in, turn in the complete Explore Sierra View form to HR for an additional entry into the raffe!

Click here to download the Explore Sierra View PDF.

1. e-Learning Modules

Every employee has to complete e-Learning Modules within their first 30 days at SVMC. Access to the e-Learning modules is only available through our intranet page. Click on "e-Learning" on the right side of this page under "Quick Links" to get started.

2. 30 Day Check-In

As part of your onboarding experience your leader should have a 30 day check in with you. The 30 day check in is designed for your to ask questions and receive feedback. If you have noticed it has been approximately 30 days and you have not had a check in yet, reach out to your leader.

3. Get to Know Your Coworkers

Name a coworker that embodies one of the Sierra View Values. The Values are: Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.

4. 60 Day Check-In

Around your 60th day with Sierra View you’ll be having a 60 day check in with your leader. This check in is designed as a touchstone in your 90 day journey for feedback. By this time in your journey you should begin to feel more autonomous in your role. If you have noticed it has been approximately 60 days and you have not had a check in yet, reach out to your leader.

5. What is the DISC style of your Director or Manager?

SVMC believes communication is the key to our success. All staff is trained on the Extended DISC model of communication. Knowing others DISC style can help with your interactions.

6. 90 Day Check-In

You’ve done it! Once you have passed your 90 day evaluation. An independent third party, McClean and Company, will be sending you a 90 day stay survey to complete. Completing this survey and turning in a confirmation page to HR will enter you into a drawing for a prize!