Inspiration & Reflections

I recently attended the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual meeting in Baltimore, MD, the end of March. This was the 50th anniversary of the organization that has supported nurse executives for over 50-years. Since that inception and journey as a professional organization, it has welcomed nurse leaders at all levels of practice. Nursing leadership spans a wide practice from operations to academia. I have been a member of AONE since 2003, and I have attended many annual meetings over the years.

This year, I took time to slow down and study and watch many of my colleagues. As I looked through the audiences in large sessions and also in smaller sessions, I was able to see many of the nurse executives I have looked up to over the years for the articles they have authored and I have read; asked for guidance when I was not sure of my next steps; and listened to them do presentations on all aspects of management and leadership over the years. Many are graying and some have retired, but some of them are still coming to these meetings. As I reflected on this during the meeting and since, it has become apparent to me how much I have looked up to my nurse colleagues through the years. They have helped me develop professionally into the nurse executive I am today.

I have always been focused on the need to give back and to help others. You might say, "well aren't you suppose to do that for patients." And I would respond, "yes, of course," but what I am thinking about here is our need as nurses to give back to each other and the profession that has helped us be so successful in our practices. I hope you are thinking about your contributions to help your colleagues grow professionally and personally. We owe it to each other to enjoy and bring joy to our practice, and those we have the privilege to work with each and every day.

Be good to yourself,

Dr. Jeffery L. Hudson-Covolo

VP Patient Care Services & Chief Nurse Executive