CNA Highlight Featuring Alexandra Loredo

Alexandra “Alex” Loredo, CNA of SVMC’s Clinical Decision Unit and current LVN Program student, has chosen a health care career because of her passion and drive to take care of people. Where did she realize her passion and purpose? Sierra View of course!

“Working at Sierra View has given me the insight to realize that I enjoy nursing and taking care of others.” Alex says. “Knowing that I can make a difference during my patient’s visit, even if it’s just making them smile, is something I find rewarding.”

Leaders in her department say that Alex has a keen eye for patient care and that she is not afraid to speak up. “I have learned from my peers the importance of advocating for patients and it has inspired me to apply it to my current role and has motivated me be even more aware of patient needs.”

Alex is also a firm believer that teamwork plays an important factor in patient care and outcomes, as well as the efficiency of the hospital as a whole. “As a CNA, I'm part of the team and my duties affect patient care and it’s important for me to make sure that I do my job right,” Alex adds.

Currently, SVMC is looking for CNAs that have the drive and passion like Alex in an environment that truly believes teamwork has a positive effect on a patient’s experience and their treatment outcome. 

If you’re ready to realize your passion and join a hospital that has a close-knit culture that is hard to find, consider joining Sierra View. Learn more about available careers by visiting Our Talent Acquisition Partner, Lance Rowell may be reached directly for any questions (, 559-788-6079).