2017 - Quarter 1 DAISY Award Winner Named

Noah Camacho standing with awardI am proud to announce Noah Camacho, R.N. was presented with the DAISY Award https://www.daisyfoundation.org/. Mr. Camacho is a nurse on the Medical/Surgical Unit and was recognized for Quarter 1 of 2017. Mr. Camacho was recongnized by a patient he cared for who was very appreciative of his abundant and timely communication and compassion. Stating that, "he even made sure he communicated with me when I was not expecting it, and always demonsrated that he cared about me, going above and beyond."

As a DAISY Award winner Mr. Camacho received a small statue of the "Healer's Touch," made individually for each recepient of the award by a tribe in Zimbabwe, Africa. A certificate of appreciaton, and a pin that he can wear that identifies him as a DAISY Award winner. Partick Barnes who is the namesake of the DAISY Foundation, loved Cinnabons (TM), so lots of cinnamon rolls were left for him to share with his colleagues. The roving banner that identifies the unit where the current DAISY Award winnner works, will be hoisted above the entrance to the medical/surgical unit on the third floor.

Congratulations to Mr. Camacho for being an extraordinary nurse, representing the Nursing Division at SVMC with distinction and dignity.

Be good to yourself,

Dr. Jeffery L. Hudson-Covolo, VP & Chief Nurse Executive