Improve Your Life with Better Control

Inpatient Care

As an inpatient, you have the opportunity to meet with a care coordinator. This is a designated healthcare professional who continues care and helps you transition from hospital to home. Your care coordinator will also review your medications with you to ensure you fully understand them. In addition, they will also speak with you about any new medications prescribed by your physician.

Your care coordinator serves as a liaison between you and the Community Wellness Center at Sierra View Medical Center. They will arrange for follow-up appointments at the Community Wellness Center as needed and communicate with your primary care provider.

Follow-Up Care

After you receive inpatient care, you will be able to have a one hour visit with a nurse or pharmacist at the Community Wellness Center to provide support after leaving the hospital. This visit takes place before you return to the care of your primary care physician.

At the Community Wellness Center, you will be able to focus on your personal health goals. Our Complex Care team will provide nutrition support, exercise tips, health education and community resources to help you achieve your goals. You will be provided with assistance in learning better ways to talk to your family about your health. The team will also help you understand your conditions and how to manage them after receiving follow-up care.

After your visit, you will receive a visit summary with recommendations from the Complex Care team to improve your health.

Medication Management

The Complex Care team offers help with medication management by matching your medication to your health condition with an overall evaluation to ensure you're taking what is best for your health goals. The Complex Care team also provides alternatives and options for medication to help reduce your costs and pill intake.

These services are provided to help you understand what medications you're taking and why. It is important to manage your medications and reduce side effects to ensure you are receiving the best treatment options available to you.