Patient Experience

Patient Satisfaction

Delivering high-quality health care that exceeds our patients' expectations is priority number one here at Sierra View Medical Center. To help us gauge our success, Sierra View routinely surveys our patients after they've been discharged from our facility. If you or a family member receives one of these phone call surveys, we request that you please answer the questions honestly.

Finished surveys go to a nationally respected company that specializes in measuring and improving the most important aspects of the patient experience. The disseminated results are then sent back to Sierra View, ultimately helping us provide better customer service to all of our patients.

What is AIDET®? And Why SVMC Uses the Communication Framework

AIDET is a commitment by all of us at SVMC in our interactions with each other, our patients and their families. All employees are expected to practice AIDET with everyone on every encounter.

Patient and Family Advocate

It is the goal of SVMC to create a welcoming, healing, caring, safe and professional environment for our patients, their families, visitors and each other. Patient advocates are available to our patients, families and visitors.

Patient and Family Advisory Council

From creating partnerships with patients, local business partners, family members and the healthcare team, to promoting integration of care and services, together we can have an impact on patient care. To learn more about the council and how you may become involved, view the PFAC page:

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