Our Pharmacy

Sierra View Medical Center

Providing comprehensive pharmaceutical services for the entire facility, Sierra View Medical Center houses an on-site pharmacy. Having an in-house pharmacy provides convenient access to medication and information to both patients and physicians, allowing for clear communication between doctors and pharmacists as well as faster treatment for patients.

The functions of our pharmacy include:

  • Dispenses pharmaceuticals in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Complies to organizational performance improvement directives
  • Serves as a hospital-wide resource for specific drug information
  • Keeps proper and standardized inventory

For More Information - Call Today!

Contact our Porterville hospital and care team to learn more about our pharmaceutical services and how our pharmacists work directly with care providers on a case by case basis. Having an in-house pharmacy allows pharmacists to communicate closely with doctors and nurses to ensure appropriate medications and doses are provided to each patient, allowing for optimal recovery results.