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Sierra View Local Healthcare District Board of Directors (Pictured Left to Right): Hans Kashyup, Areli Martinez, Dr. Bindsagar Reddy, Liberty Lomeli, and Dr. Gaurang Pandya.
Sierra View Local Healthcare District Board of Directors (Pictured Left to Right): Hans Kashyap, Areli Martinez, Dr. Bindusagar Reddy, Liberty Lomeli, and Dr. Gaurang Pandya.

Sierra View Medical Center is a not-for-profit public entity that is governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors. The Sierra View Local Healthcare District Board serves a governing body for Sierra View Medical Center and holds monthly meetings to vote on District matters, discuss the current state of the hospital and receive both employee and community feedback.

District 1: Dr. Bindusagar Reddy, MD - Chairman

Representing District 1 is Dr. Bindusagar Reddy, MD. Dr. Reddy is a local cardiologist who established his own practice and has been a part of the Porterville community for nearly 30 years. As a triple-board Certified Cardiologist, by the American Board of Internal Medicine, he performs a variety of interventional cardiac procedures at Sierra View Medical Center, Kaweah Health, and Bakersfield Heart Hospital.

Dr. Reddy is a founder of Bakersfield Heart Hospital and is an active Bakersfield Heart Hospital Board Member. He is also involved with the Fellow of American College of Cardiology.

His background in medicine and business, coupled with his Bakersfield Heart Hospital Board experience, gives Dr. Reddy a unique perspective on how to run a successful medical center while prioritizing patient care.

District 2: Dr. Gaurang Pandya, MD

Dr. Gaurang Pandya, MD representing District 2, has served as a Sierra View Local Healthcare District Board of Director since 2012 and has been active in the community for more than 30 years. Dr. Pandya volunteered for Active Military Duty after his surgery residency and became certified with the American Board of Surgery. He then relocated to Porterville and began his private General Surgery Practice in 1988.

In addition to being on the SVLHCD Board, Dr. Pandya has served as past President of Tulare County Medical Society, and was President of California Medical Association President's Forum.

Dr. Pandya believes the SVLHCD Board of Directors has an opportunity to continue to steer the hospital in the direction of providing high quality local, medical and surgical services so that patients of the Porterville community and surrounding areas do not have to travel outside of the area for care.

Some of his priority goals include: success of the soon to start, primary care physician residency training program; develop a long term strategic plan for current and future pandemic response and management of the hospital system; protect the current specialty services providers and continue to add more services to our local choices; meet the financial viability challenges; continue to grow the infrastructure for outpatient medical and surgical services delivery and to help bring a mental health services clinic.

District 3: Hans Kashyap - Treasurer

Hans Kashyap, an accomplished leader with over 45 years of diverse experience proudly serves as the District 3 Sierra View Local Health Care District Board Member. His extensive expertise includes healthcare, C-suite consulting, long-range and strategic planning, engineering, energy, defense analysis, and international finance.

Since becoming a Porterville resident in 2004, Hans has been actively engaged in consulting and forecasting. His career includes significant leadership roles such as President and CEO of a multinational corporation based in Maryland. He also served as Managing Director of Capital Programs at ICF International / ICF Kaiser Engineers conglomerate and as VP of Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis at Santa Fe Corporation.

Hans excels in management consulting and problem-solving, specializing in strategic planning, economic analysis, forecasting, non-remunerative motivation techniques, innovative thinking, and solutions with an exacting perspective. His contributions have played a pivotal role in streamlining and bringing large divisions of private and government organizations to profitability.

His commitment to excellence and his invaluable contributions make him an asset to the Sierra View Local Health Care District Board and the community it serves.

District 4: Liberty Lomeli, PA-C - Vice Chairman

Liberty Lomeli, PA-C, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as a Physician's Assistant at a local healthcare group and as the District 4 Sierra View Local Health Care District Board Member. With an impressive 30-year career in the healthcare industry, Liberty's journey began in the U.S. Marines and the Navy, shaping his commitment to serving others before returning to his hometown of Porterville.

With deep roots in Porterville, Liberty is driven by a passion to witness the continued thriving of the hospital that is so fundamental to the local community. Having experienced the medical field from the unique perspective of both a military service member and a civilian, Liberty understands the importance of accessible, high-quality healthcare.

As a community member and patient advocate, Liberty's overarching goal is to contribute to ensuring the best possible access to top-notch healthcare services at Sierra View Medical Center for the people it serves. Leveraging his extensive experience and unwavering devotion to healthcare, Liberty is poised to make a lasting, positive impact on the health and well-being of the community he holds dear. His unique blend of military and civilian healthcare experience, combined with his genuine concern for the community's welfare, positions Liberty as a valuable asset in the pursuit of excellence in healthcare services at SVMC.

District 5: Areli Martinez - Secretary

Areli Martínez, a dedicated healthcare professional with 42 years of deep roots in the Porterville community, currently serves as the District 5 Sierra View Local Health Care District Board Member. With a passion for patient care and advocacy, Areli has forged an impactful career path and demonstrated leadership in various capacities.

Areli serves as the Assistant Medical Director for a local healthcare group and plays a key role in the Porterville Unified School District Health Academy Pathway. Her past leadership roles include serving as a Charge Nurse in Med Surg, acting as a mentor and preceptor at SVMC, and fulfilling responsibilities as an RN clinical instructor for Bakersfield College. She is a proud member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and has earned recognition as SVMC Nurse of the Year.

Areli's decision to run for the Sierra View Board stems from her desire to contribute to the decision-making processes that shape the hospital's future goals and policies. As a board member, she has outlined her top goals, including assisting in the financial success of the hospital, ensuring the implementation of policies for safe and high-quality care, and holding individuals accountable for their performance.

Representing District 5, Areli emphasizes the importance of community engagement. She encourages community members to voice their concerns and share their experiences. Areli is dedicated to representing her district to the best of her ability, collaborating with fellow board members to ensure that community members receive safe, quality care and positive healthcare experiences.

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