Meet Our Doctorsdr. owen kim in lab coat

Owen Kim, MD, DABR

Dr. Kim is the medical director of the Cancer Treatment Center and is board-certified in radiology, hospice and palliative medicine. He is also a licensed X-ray supervisor and operator. Dr. Kim has treated patients at the Cancer Treatment Center since 1990 and has been an instrumental part of the Center’s growth into one of the pre-eminent oncology centers in the region. Dr. Kim supervises the radiation therapy program at the Cancer Treatment Center.

Georg Weidlich, PhD, DABR, DABMP

Certified Radiation Oncology Physicist, Dr. Weidlich, is our Consultingdr. weidlich wearing a brown suite and glasses Physicist for the Roger S. Good Cancer Treatment Center at SVMC. Dr. Weidlich also worked as a Consulting Professor in the Neurosurgery Department at Stanford University Medical Center. He will be heading the Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program along with our Radiation Oncologist Dr. Owen Kim at SVMC.

Dr. Weidlich earned a Master’s degree in Physics as well as a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Medical Physics. Dr. Weidlich also serves as the Head Radiation Physicist for the Cyberknife program at the Fresno Community Hospital Radiation Oncology Department.

Kota C. Shekar, MD

Dr. Shekar is board certified in Medical Oncology and Hematology and bringsDr. Shekar wearing a grey suit and purple tie smiling more than 20 years of experience to the Roger S. Good Cancer Treatment Center. He has treated the full spectrum of oncology diseases over the years and has found that he is most proficient in breast, colon and lung cancer management. Dr. Shekar oversees the medical oncology aspect of patient care at the Cancer Treatment Center along with diagnosing and treating blood disorders.

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