Sierra View Medical Center

  • Date Submitted: Sep 1, 2023
  • Category: Critical Care
Starting from ED- from security to doctors, RNs, CNAs, techs and other ancillary staff- phlebotomist, everybody has been very attentive, compassionate , competent and were very respectful. RNs are particularly very reassuring which most appreciated when I'm sick bed. Telemetry team- is just as amazing, making the anxiety of being sucked alleviated by consistent compassion and care administered by everyone . From both units, there's one phrase of tender care I always hear from everyone-' Is there anything I can do for you before I leave and that please call us if you need anything, followed by thank you . Not one time did I perceive anyone performing in a rush manner and had always made me feel cared for and important . I will have to apologize for not remembering everybody's name due to how I was feeling at the time but I'd like to name some I can remember who demonstrated excellent care- from ER- Rudy, Khris, Sarah-, and everybody else; Telemetry- Jesi, Wendy, Tracy , Daisy, Asit, Alexis, Sirena, all RTs , CNAs and the unit clerks who always pick up my call light. Last but never the least the EVS team who had always kept me in a clean environment .