It's Knowing You Made an Impact and Team Collaboration

David set out to be a computer software engineer early on in his career and it wasn’t until he volunteered in a Northern California hospital's ER, where he is originally from, when he knew that interacting with medical staff, patients and their families within a clinical setting was where he was supposed to be. After he set out to become a Registered Nurse and went to school out of state, he then found his current work home at Sierra View and started in the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ where he excelled and took to the centralized location that is near the beach, mountains and major cities. He originally wanted to become a float pool nurse so that he could continue to work in all areas of the hospital, but there was something special about the Telemetry Department that David just couldn’t pass up.

For David, the thankful expressions and grateful responses of patients and their loved ones is a daily reminder that he is doing what he's passionate about and it's what makes him look forward to showing up each day to do his best to care for those who are kept under close observation as they recover in the Telemetry Department.

Although he thoroughly enjoys his job, what keeps him in this department isn’t just the critical care and fast pace environment, it’s the people that he works with. David explains that it’s the collaboration and teamwork that makes this department desirable to work in and he is proud to be a part of the Telemetry team. He explains that no one is scared to speak up and ask questions and he has never been in such an inviting workplace. David sees great value in each and every person on his unit and respects all of his teammates for what unique aspect they bring to the team where they all share a common goal of putting the patient first for the best recovery outcome.

If you are a RN or CNA, looking for the satisfaction and fulfillment of providing care and working in a close knit team of healthcare providers, join David and his team. Sierra View currently has several open positions for CNAs in the following areas including:

  • Telemetry
  • CDU
  • Float Pool
  • Med/Surg

If you know someone who is out of the area like David was, let them know of the great opportunities here at Sierra View where the culture here is next to none, in a location where the central coast, biggest trees and the hustle and bustle of L.A. and San Francisco is within driving distance. If you or someone you know, wants to make a difference in healthcare right here in the Central Valley, there are opportunities for you. If you’re looking for a place to professionally grow and be rewarded for your essential role in health care, please reach out to SVMC Recruiter, Lance Rowell (tel:559-788-6079 or mail