Local Surgeon Supports COVID-19 Vaccinations at Local Vaccine Roundup

Dr. Ahmad Hakimi, M.D. has been performing surgeries in Porterville for more than 10 years. Today, he took some time out to bring his son into the SVMC-Imperial Ambulance Community Vaccination Clinic to receive his COVID-19 vaccine. "I think the vaccine is very important, especially for the community, the small community that we have," says Dr. Hakimi.

"Many of the patients that are admitted in our hospital are not vaccinated. And most people who are unfortunately suffering and dying from the disease are not vaccinated. The science is there, we just need to make the right decision."

And the City of Porterville is making it fun to make that decision by giving out $100 gift cards to local Porterville businesses at today's Vaccine Roundup. Not only is the decision to get your vaccine rewarding to you, but you will be helping local businesses through a great use of the American Rescue Plan federal funding that our city Council members chose to use to support Porterville in becoming more protected against this terrible disease.