A Message From Our CEO: Being There For Each Other While Navigating Reopening

We’ve all longed for this moment when COVID-19 health mandates would lift. For many of us, this milestone during this long journey gave hope to becoming closer to collectively returning to pre-pandemic activities. As we continue to greet these lifted mask mandates, let's remind ourselves to navigate these changes with kindness, encouragement and respect.

If we’ve gained anything from this ever-changing pandemic, it has been a reminder that kindness has been powerful in the face of adversity. Showing respect to others' preferences while shopping, dining or simply passing by one another in any environment will go a long way.

Several public places have posted signage of lifted masking requirements for those who are fully vaccinated and welcome the most recent CDC and CDPH guidance with caution. Some people are faced with increased anxiety by this, while others are more than comfortable with the changes. There are several reasons why someone may not choose to enter crowded indoor spaces or continue to mask, including the more vulnerable population with pre-existing health conditions.

Whether you continue to wear a mask or not, there are several possible reasons for one to choose to be extra cautious or to be liberated with the fact that they now can go maskless. Be patient, and respectful to the different comfort levels of one another as we collectively reopen and navigate the other side of this pandemic. Let’s get through this pandemic together, just as we entered it - with kindness first.