Who's on the Third Floor of Sierra View?

On the third floor of Sierra View, the staff cares for patients that are one day old to 101+ years old. The type of care given, is anything from an infection to a recovering elective surgery and everything in between. This super star team is in the Medical-Surgical Department and Clinical Decision Unit and they are one of a kind, who are all go-getters and as well-rounded in their skillset as they come.

“New grads who spend time in our department say that they have never worked in a place that when they are in need of assistance, it doesn’t matter who they are working with, they are more than willing to help," explains Brandy Irwin, Director of Acute Care and Nursing Excellence, Med-Surg. "Whether it be a new nurse or a seasoned nurse, new grads have said that they feel so comfortable because everyone is so willing to help.” Brandy also explains that even though it’s a work environment, several people on the Med-Surg floor develop lifelong friendships. The staff on this unit are also known to be very inviting and inclusive, especially for people who are new to town.

Brandy also explains that after one year of being in the Med-Surg unit, nurses in the department are eligible for certifications and they have all passed because they are submerged in an environment that prepares them in knowing a little about everything in all disease processes. “They are very prepared to take certifications and some nurses even move into something that is more specialized or in higher level of care entities such as ICU,” she adds. “And then there are several nurses who just love being in our department because of the collaboration, diversity and fast paced environment.”

Being the largest department in the hospital, the Med-Surg team has been on the frontline in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Med-Surge and CDU were a strong team even before the pandemic, but when it comes to team work, collaboration and compassion, the team in Med-Surg can say that it has been crucial during the pandemic to depend on one another and to be even more than the best versions of themselves for their patients and each other.