TeleSpecialists Providing TeleNeurology Services to SVMC Stroke Alert Patients

SVMC has partnered with TeleSpecialists to provide TeleNeurology services to stroke alert patients. By bringing a Neurologist to the bedside within minutes, using an interactive video conferencing platform, SVMC is providing the best care possible to our stroke patients whose care is time sensitive.

When a stroke alert patient is admitted to SVMC, our teams activate TeleSpecialists through a click of a button. This brings the Neurologist on camera within minutes. This physician then directs care of the potential stroke patient, whether in the Emergency Department or elsewhere in the hospital. The direction of care driven by the goal of bringing the most appropriate treatment to the patient in an expedited manner.

Having the ability to bring an expert to the bedside quickly, assures to minimize brain injury and begin the process to maximize recovery. For staff, it’s an easy process to activate the service, and it contributes to a standardized process because it is done in the same way for every stroke alert patient, therefore increasing the efficiency of stroke care given at SVMC.

An additional benefit is that doctors are able to document directly in SVMC’s Electronic Medical Record, and place orders, so there is no paperwork to track, which lessens the load on our busy emergency physicians. Additionally, when our local Neurologist has days off, TeleSpecialists covers all neurological emergencies. SVMC’s providers work closely with the Neurologists and maintain open communication making for a smooth process during a stroke alert.

TeleSpecialists is a great service, where everyone is there for the patient and collaborates as part of a team who are charged with the desire to help patients recover quickly.

TeleNerology Robot

In the photo above, you can see the actual “robot” – the staff bring this to the bedside and the Neurologist appears on screen. He/she interacts by way of an integrated microphone and camera. The provider controls movement of the “robot’s” screen from their home office. We have “robots” in both the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit and can be used throughout the hospital.