All Aboard at Patient Accounting!

“Keep On Truckin” is the theme that the Sierra View Patient Accounting team chose to describe their positive attitude throughout the pandemic as they celebrate National Patient Account Management Week (October 18-24). This healthcare observance shines a light on the important work that happens every day behind the scenes of healthcare. For every patient that enters the hospital or any of our outpatient locations, there is a Patient Accounting team member ensuring that service entry, and billing are all in order to help bring patients the services they need. “This team is dynamic, collaborative, resilient and simply put…AMAZING!” says Administrative Director of Revenue Cycle Julie Franer CRCR. “Their role is essential to supporting the viability of our organization.”

Franer’s Patient Accounting team includes 28 staff members with two health care superheroes helping her lead the way: Patient Account Manager Lizette Razon and Patient Financial Services Coordinator Lynette Gatzka. The team’s enthusiasm to celebrate their health observance by taking the time to decorate in creative ways only echoes their approach to keeping on keeping on. Razon says the theme reflects the team’s perseverance and upbeat attitude.

Thank you for your valuable work, Patient Accounting Team!

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