Department Highlight - DP/SNF

Sierra View Medical Center’s Distinct Part Nursing Facility (DPSNF) has a remarkable team, driven by continuous momentum and hard work. This team also has positive synergy filled with collaboration and compassion. Because of their teamwork and shared goals of caring for patients, each staff member is a better version of themselves, professionally and personally.

The DP/SNF team works collaboratively to deliver high quality care to residents who breathe through a tracheostomy with the assistance of either blow by mist or a ventilator, where oxygen is delivered. The team is comprised of CNA’s, LVN’s, RN Charge Nurses, and leadership team members.

“The DP/SNF team lives by all of SVMC’s values, but there is a clear emphasis on compassion,” says DP/SNF Director of Nursing, Dr. Kris Reddell. “Our team truly works together to deliver care from the heart. Our staff empathizes with each resident in different ways. As an example, not all residents have family or friends and are alone. These residents receive even more one-on-one time with staff who become their family.”

During the pandemic, the DP/SNF department quickly became nimble and were able to manage continuous changes in response to alterations in day-to-day bedside care processes. In order to maintain a COVID free environment for residents, staff learned to be creative in their delivery of care as well.

Currently, the DP/SNF has openings for a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who can join our DP/SNF team that thrives on good communication, realizes shared goals, and are encouragers of each other during difficult times. All new full-time CNA and LVN roles will now receive a $1,000 sign-on bonus paid out over one year and must have one-year acute care experience to qualify.