She was Made for Emergency Medicine - Shay Moore

Between her passion, skillset, background, and personal calling, Shay Moore, Director of Sierra View Medical Center’s Emergency Department was meant for emergency medicine.

Before her Emergency Medical Services days and even before becoming an RN, the start of Shay’s career path began with CAL FIRE as a seasonal firefighter during college. Shay was recruited right off the softball field and worked a total of eight seasons, stationed at Three Rivers.

While with CAL FIRE, she was drawn to the medical emergency calls and because of the station location, she and her crew were the first ones on scene where she was able to stabilize patients. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and paramedics got to know Shay and encouraged her to work for a local ambulance company too, where she could still work seasonal for CAL FIRE. Once she was working as an EMT for American Medical Response, she was once again getting noticed for her skillset and many of the paramedics told Shay that she needed to become a paramedic and that’s exactly what she did while she was going through school to become an RN.

Her Start at Sierra View

After being a paramedic for four years and receiving her RN license, she started at Sierra View in 2007 along with 14 other new RN grads. Her talent and passion lead her into a management role and eventually she became the Director of the Emergency Department in 2019. Of the new grads that started along-side Shay, seven are still right there beside her today.

Shay explained that those original seven staff members have depth within the organization and have pulled together during these difficult times. Their loyalty to Sierra View, the department and their community, is what gives them their drive and helps them keep their positive energy to get them through the busiest and most challenging times.

Collaboration and teamwork has always been important to Shay. When she thinks about when she needs a little self-motivation or a boost in supporting her team, she relates it to fighting fires: “You have to be able to get up the side of the mountain that is burning and someone else pulling the hose with you,” Shay says. “I learned early on that your team relies on you to be the best you can be, because if not, your team has to work even harder and pick up the pace for you. You can’t do it alone; it takes a team and the ability to truly rely on one another,” Shay says.

Someone who Shay relies on and counts him as a blessing, is the manager of the department, Clinical Manager, Kevin Dooms. Kevin came on board weeks before the pandemic hit early 2020. “We were able to quickly form a leadership team where a much needed strong manager and director relationship was needed,” Shay said. “We may have different ways of thinking, but that’s what works so well.” What they both have in common, is believing in being the support that their staff needs right out on the floor with them.

“Something that is often said about the ED is that we have a well-designed team which also includes the provider group that works well with everyone,” Shay adds. “Whether it be a traveler nurse who has so much to offer and learn from and has experienced a multitude of different organizations and teams across the nation.”

If you are interested in working under the leadership of Shay within in a fast pace environment, where no two days look the same, your opportunity is here! Sierra View is proud of the leadership and the team that works in the ER. Why not make your career home somewhere you can take pride in and get the support you deserve while working alongside a team that have like-mindsets of doing their best to help those seeking critical emergent care.