Sugar Free September - Rice Versus Soda

Join us for Sugar Free September as we find fun ways to consume less sugar and focus on healthy and tasty alternatives!  First, we’re taking a look at sugar in an obvious culprit versus a food staple in many households that has just as much, if not more sugar.

If you’re diabetic, have prediabetes, fighting obesity or are simply worried about your sugar intake, you may be overlooking white rice! White rice is a food typically considered a staple in many diets, but it may come as a surprise that white rice in large doses can increase the risk for obesity and diabetes.

On average, one bowl of rice has about double the level of carbohydrates of a can of soda. All of this excess sugar can put a strain on the pancreas; this is because the pancreas, by means of insulin production, converts the sugar in our blood into usable energy. Certain foods, white rice among them, cause problems by dumping too much sugar into the blood at one time. In fact, refined grains, including white rice, are associated with a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

If you not only want to join us in a Sugar Free September, but you want to get your weight under control and begin the road to a healthier lifestyle, reach out to our Community Wellness Center and ask about the obesity classes available this fall! Contact the Community Wellness Center to find out how to sign up for a class on Obesity or Diabetes 559-791-3847.