S.O.S. - Central Valley Hospitals Need Your Help

There isn’t a single hospital in the country, or the world, unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this same way, there is not a single community that hasn’t lost lives to COVID-19. Many of those lives could have been saved through preventative measures. Many lives can still be saved.

We are signaling for your help.

As the burden of COVID-19 becomes heavier and heavier on our hospitals, we are signaling for your help by collaborating with Central Valley hospitals that are – like us – asking for the same thing. For your help in addressing a problem that is preventable. The majority of patients are unvaccinated. The overflow of COVID-19 hospitalizations is a problem that is preventable in large part through vaccination. The large number of COVID-19 hospitalizations is threatening our ability to provide care to the ones who need it most.

Please get your vaccine and your booster. Vaccines help prevent serious illness, which helps keep you out of the hospital. Keep wearing your mask and following social distancing precautions. If you feel sick, get tested for COVID-19 at your local pharmacy, urgent care, or physician's office. Then stay home until your symptoms have passed so that you don't pass the virus to others. Encourage those around you to do the same.

Help save our health systems and the people who take care of all of us.

For COVID-19 vaccines in Porterville, please visit:

www.sierra-view.com/COVIDvaccines or


This is a partnered effort between Community Medical Centers, The County of Fresno, Kaweah Health, Madera Community Hospital, Saint Agnes, San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Sierra View Medical Center, UCSF Fresno and Valley Children's.