Here is to the Resilient Group of Social Workers of SVMC

The pandemic has served to further show the world the importance of social workers. In hospitals throughout the country – and the world – they continue to prioritize the needs of patients and families. During the pandemic, this has meant that social workers have found new ways to ensure that patients have the resources they need within the hospital and once they are discharged.

"The last three years have been a tremendous challenge for social workers as the pandemic exacerbated long standing social issues,” said Silvia Mandujano Estrada Roberts, Manager of Care Integration of SVMC’s Social Services Department. “Helping our patients navigate the increasingly complicated landscape of social issues has been both a challenge and a rewarding experience at the same time.”

The SVMC Social Workers provide connected services to patients with a variety of conditions. They work with a variety of departments and organizations spanning the entire health care continuum. Social workers are the ones who are in communication with the patient’s whole care team here at the hospital and the families and patients themselves. They support the patient and their families emotionally and provide guidance to help navigate a patient’s illness. They also provide the coordination needed to safely discharge by providing discharge plans and meeting any discharge challenges.

Sometimes, challenges may arise after patients enter the emergency room and are moved into other floors of the hospital for a longer stay. Other times, social workers may be focused on making sure that new moms have what they need to safely go home. Our social workers help patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

“As the community continues to adjust to the changes the pandemic has brought, I look forward to leading our resilient group of social workers into addressing the social issues that adversely affect our patients and work to effect real lasting change in our patients lives," says Silvia.

Let's be inspired by the significance and impact of the social work that the SVMC Social Workers put forth every day and their life-changing work to help others. Thank you to the amazing social workers at SVMC who commit their lives to helping others find their voice and learn how to navigate the layered world of health care. #TheTimeIsRightForSocialWork #SWMonth2022