Board FAQs

What does a board member do?

Individual board members are responsible for contributing to the advancement of the organization by:

  • being committed to the governing board, hospital and community
  • understanding and believing in the organization’s mission
  • avoiding conflicts of interest and rumors
  • observing high standards of integrity
  • maintaining the confidentiality of board meetings
  • preparing for each board meeting by studying the agenda and supporting information
  • acquiring a working knowledge of the health care industry and trends
  • attending the entire board meeting(s)
  • carrying out board assignments and meeting deadlines
  • publicly supporting board actions even if you do not agree with the decision
  • attending continuing education programs

What does the board chair do?

Each board chairman will bring a unique skill set and experience to the position. An effective chair learns how to use their skills to get work accomplished and create a positive working environment for fellow trustees. The board chair has two duties no other trustee has: run the board meeting and manage the behavior of individual trustees during said meetings. An effective board chair can make the difference between an efficient and a non-efficient meeting. A goal of the chair should be creating a focused, yet creative environment.

The chair and the CEO must work as a team, with the board chair being the primary resource and support for the CEO.

Above all, the board chair must ensure that board meetings are fair. A fair board meeting includes compromise; most board members feel as though the rules were enforced consistently and all participants had a fair chance to present their views.

What is the time commitment of a board of director?

The time commitment varies for each board member. However, each member spends a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a month in meetings and reviewing board agendas.

How can I serve on the board?

You must be elected to serve on the Sierra View Board of Directors. For more information on how to serve, please contact the Tulare County Registrar of Voters at 559-624-7300.

Why does the board hold closed session meetings?

Per the Brown Act and Health & Safety Code, the board is allowed to hold closed meetings for three reasons:

  1. Personnel - To discuss the appointments, employment, performance evaluation, discipline, complaints about or dismissal of a specified employee or potential employees.
  2. Conference With Legal Counsel (existing, anticipated, liability claims)
  3. Property Negotiations

Does the board follow a code of conduct?

Yes. Board members serve the organization as a whole rather than any special interest group or constituency. A board member’s first obligation is to avoid any preconception that he/she “represents” anything but the organization’s best interests.