Pint-Sized Cheer

SVMC raises funds for Roger S. Good Cancer Treatment Center with mini tree auction.

For over a decade around this time of the year, the Sierra View Medical Center (SVMC) lobby brightens up with the Christmas spirit as various decorated trees are displayed for the annual silent auction.

The SVMC Roger S. Good Cancer Treatment Center is holding a three day mini Christmas tree silent auction from Nov. 26 through Nov. 28.

A total of 30 trees are currently being auctioned and just from the first day, bids on some of the trees were over $100.

Different SVMC departments and friends participated in the decorating contest and donated the mini trees (1.5 – 4 ft.) to help raise funds for the cancer treatment center.

“All proceeds go toward the cancer center community outreach,” said Carol Ann Moore. “This is the first year we’ve had this many trees.”

The trees will be displayed in the SVMC lobby until Wednesday for staff and hospital visitors to enjoy and bid on.

“We love to see the creativity of all the employees and the enthusiasm,” Moore said. “It creates a camaraderie between the employees while contributing to the center. It is just an all-around fun thing to do during the holidays.”

All 30 trees donated by SVMC departments and staff are decorated in different fun themes, like ‘Life is a Fiesta,’ ‘Victoria,’ ‘Santa’s Truck,’ ‘Sweet Christmas,’ ‘Star Wars,’ “Wizard of Oz’ and many more. Prices for the smaller trees will go up to about $50, others as much as $100 to $150 said Moore.

“We get to fund raise a couple of grand,” Moore said. “Last year it was about $2,000, and there is a different climate this year. People are more into it. People are coming and bidding earlier. We are thinking positive and would love to out-earn [last year].”

Moore added to those planning to bid for a tree, “Make sure you get your name out there on the list because some trees are up to $100.”

For some, the decorated tree will not be the only prize to be taken home, as some of the trees have special gifts that go with them. Apart from the attractive decorations, some trees contain prizes like $50 gift cards, candy, food and even tequila.

This newer tradition has been creating more competitiveness over the last few years, with a positive outcome of more creative trees and additional donated funds to the cancer center.

“In the past we have had gift certificate trees, where you bid on it and might pay up to $200, but you might get a $400 value,” said Moore. “So it’s a bargain sometimes.”

The auction will be closing at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 28, and winners will be notified no later than the following Friday.