Looking Out for One Another – SVMC Respiratory Department to the Rescue

The term “frontline healthcare workers” often depicts doctors and nurses in full PPE that provide direct care to patients. But during the COVID-19 outbreak, several employees and departments play an essential role in fighting to keep patients safe even when help was needed from a neighboring organization.

When the worst of COVID-19 hit a nearby rehab center with 12 residents who were presenting all signs and symptoms of the virus, one of SVMC’s very own was able to supply needed oxygen support. Director of Respiratory Care Services, Steve Golden connected with the Nurse Director at Sierra Valley Rehab and was able to get them the appropriate oxygen masks to residents in need as quick as possible.

“From the time they called Sierra View to when the masks arrived to their facility, it took less than an hour from start to finish,” Steve Golden said. “It was a good sign when none of the twelve residents were admitted here the day of or even the week that this occurred.”

“They have been amazing through this whole process,” said Tyra Hamilton, RN Director of Nursing. “Because we don’t have an on staff respiratory specialist, we’ve worked with Sierra View’s respiratory department in the past and they are always helpful.”

Thankfully, between the existing relationship between SVMC and Sierra Valley Rehab Center and their COVID-Dedicated Care Team, the residents at the rehab center who tested positive for the virus have been showing signs of recovery.