Unwavering Commitment to Excellence and a Deep Devotion for Her Family

Recent retiree, Sandy Calantone, of our Patient Financial Services Department was as dependable as they come; she had an unwavering commitment to excellence; and her devotion to her family is one of the most important things in her life.

Originally from New Jersey, Sandy came to California in 1998 just after her daughter settled in Porterville who had begun her own family here. Sandy is a proud mother and grandmother. Between her and her husband Rocco, they were committed to the community and would often volunteer their time in support of community and hospital events.

Always drawn to the medical field, Sandy worked in doctors’ offices and was an EKG Technician in a major New Jersey hospital before she came to California and joined Sierra View. It was Sierra View’s CFO, Doug Dickson who saw something special in Sandy and there was no doubt about offering her the Patient Account Specialist position. Sandy says she thinks her East Coast attitude had something to do with her landing the job and distinctively remembers telling Doug that he would not be disappointed - and she was right! When Sierra View Recognized her for 20 years of service, Doug reminds her of that very moment and lets her know that she has done more than held her promise.

While at Sierra View, Sandy worked with several large claims for insurance companies and her knowledge of contracts and ability to communicate her expectations with those making payments to the hospital, was something that Julie Franer, Administrative Director of Revenue Cycle had not found with anyone in her 35 plus year career in the Patient Financial Services area. “What made Sandy stand out was her absolute commitment to always do what was right,” Julie stated. “She held herself to the highest standard and expected that same standard from those she interacted with. There aren’t enough words for me to describe my appreciation and gratitude for Sandy.”

Sandy devoted herself 110% to the hospital; she loved her job and the people she worked alongside; and is forever grateful for the work life balance that Sierra View offered. But what she also loved was babysitting her grandchildren and it was important to her to share her and her husband’s values as they grew up. Now that they are in their early twenties, Sandy continues to hold Sunday evening dinners with her family. She also thinks of the great people of Sierra View often, as it was hard for her to leave, and the feeling is just as much mutual for several people here at the hospital. It’s those like Sandy that make Sierra View thrive and we are fortunate for her time here at SVMC!