Employee of the Month Announced: Dr. Elisabeth Turingan, DNP, RN

Our Employee of the Month Award goes to Dr. Elisabeth Turingan, DNP, RN, an Educator in our Clinical Education department. Dr. Turingan brings a positive attitude to her role as an Educator in our Clinical Education department. She works on taking our clinical practice to the next level despite any barriers or challenges she may encounter. She is quick to identify any issues slowing down the process of change. Her work and clinical education principles are research-based and this allows her to encourage and inspire staff to find the latest, most innovative ways of practicing nursing for optimal patient care outcomes.

Serving many departments throughout the organization, Dr. Turingan pays special attention to detail and assists leaders in process improvement including technical support. She offers words of recognition to others and regularly offers help in working on the nursing floors as needed to help adequately staff patient care areas. Dr. Turingan recently received her certification in fetal monitoring and she has played an important role in several Maternal Child Health initiatives. Additionally, she helps her Clinical Education department in developing the orientation program for new hires and also coordinates nursing preceptorships. She does this all while living out our SVMC values of compassion, collaboration, accountability, integrity and respect.

SVMC thanks you, Dr. Turingan, for all you do. We appreciate you!