He Plays an Integral Role Behind the Scenes in Central Processing

Douglas "Doug" Jensen, Central Processing Tech II/ Central Supply Supervisor plays an integral role in patient care at Sierra View and works with several departments. He and his department work closely with the team in the Operation Room, Emergency Department, Cath Lab, and ICU, which all have their own specific instruments that need to be sterilized and cleaned. They even have specific equipment that comes in from the Respiratory Department and the Wound Healing Center and the list goes on!

Doug began his health care career journey in the Central Valley and has always known he would work in the medical field because he was inspired by his parents; his mom was a nurse and his father was a health care technician. Being in the same type of environment as them is second nature to him and he feels most at home within a hospital.

He has a background in dietary services, physical therapy and has even dove into mental health work. Doug acquired several certifications along the way including one for his current role. During his career journey, he and his wife moved to Missouri, as her family resides there. For those six years out of state, Doug did similar work there as he did in California, in addition to working in an Endoscopy Department and sterile processing in a larger hospital setting.

Upon returning to Exeter CA, he saw the perfect opportunity here at Sierra View and started as a CP Tech II-Certified in April of 2019 and he then moved into his current role in December of 2019.

“I like being behind the scenes, ”Doug explains. “You’re still helping the patients and the hospital at large. What keeps me motivated is what we contribute to a patient’s care.” When asked what value best resonates his area of work, he says that accountability is one of the driving values within his department because everything that comes to him and his teammates is to be 100 percent sterile and clean using strict universal precautions.

When thinking back on where he has worked and comparing to other facilities out-of-state and locally, he feels Sierra View is unique and has a personable vibe. “Sierra View is a close-knit hospital; its small compared to where I have worked in the past and you get to personally know the people who work in various areas of the hospital including nurses and managers.”