St. Anne’s School Fundraises to Give to Frontline Staff

This week, we had a pleasant surprise from the student council and Mrs. Mireya Guzman of St. Anne’s School who walked to Sierra View with donations in-hand for front-line clinical staff. Torri Lee, Director of Cardiac Cath Lab and Interventional Radiology was delighted to be able to welcome the gifted donations.

Lead by the St. Anne’s student council, fundraising for 159 water bottles and thermoses full of treats were made possible to help celebrate the community and to share appreciation for Sierra View clinical staff. This thoughtful gesture was made possible by efforts of grade levels preschool and K-8 at St. Anne’s School. Students were also responsible for packaging and filling the water bottles and thermoses full of goodies.

We are so thankful for all the students, faculty, and parents at St. Anne’s School for this act of kindness and for those who help support and instill good stewardship in the children of our community. It’s in moments like these that we pause and take a moment to not only be grateful for the thoughtful gifts and unity that this brought, but it’s a reminder to us of how much of an impact we make on even the youngest community members. Thank you St. Anne’s School!