Porterville College Delivers a Sweet Show of Appreciation to SVMC Health Care Workers

Porterville College’s President Dr. Claudia Habib and Professor Jim Carson dropped off nearly 600 cupcakes at SVMC as a sign of appreciation for the commitment our SVMC health care workers continue to show our community during the pandemic. "Everyone, the nursing staff, the doctors, the support staff, they have all continued to carry on during this pandemic. We just want to express our gratitude for everything that Sierra View has done for the community,” Dr. Habib told SVMC’s President, Donna Hefner. “We know it’s a lot of stress because you see it, you live it every day. You see the patients coming in and out, and you’re the support. You’re the backbone of these efforts.”

Professor Carson began fundraising at Porterville College for SVMC’s health care workers earlier in the year. “I wondered if there was something we could do just to show our appreciation,” he said. Soon, the faculty, staff and the nursing instructors joined and the fundraising effort culminated into a sweet treat that arrived just in time to help SVMC employees celebrate National Heart Health Month in bite-size moderation on Wear Red Day today.

Donna was elated to welcome Porterville College’s kind gesture. “I would like to just express my gratitude for Dr. Habib and the Porterville College faculty for taking it upon themselves to acknowledge what we’ve been trying to do during this pandemic.” The hundreds of cupcakes will be passed out this afternoon to staff throughout different areas of the hospital.

Sierra View Medical Center’s mission is to promote health and ensure access to high-quality health care services in part through partnerships and collaborations. The relationship between Porterville College and Sierra View Medical Center continues to grow. Porterville College is home to a Registered Nursing program that continues to train many of the RNs who could eventually care for patients within Sierra View Medical Center. To learn more about the program, visit https://www.portervillecollege.edu/as/nursing.