Sierra View Medical Center Announces Sierra View Foundation Chairs for 2021

Sierra View Medical Center is proud to announce the 2021 Sierra View (SV) Foundation chair members: Janice Castle, Chair; Tara Everett, Co-Chair; Marty Lalanne, Treasurer and Michael Gutierrez, Secretary.

Nominations and voting took place on December 18, 2020 and installation recently took place on January 29, 2021 where Dr. Kent Sorrells, PhD, Sierra View Local Healthcare District (SVLHCD) Board of Directors Chair swore in newly elected officers on behalf of the hospital board. Donna Hefner, Chief Executive Officer of Sierra View Medical Center was also present during the installation of the newly elected chair positions.

“I’m very proud of the progress SVMC has achieved in the past few years and I look forward to continuing to help maintain the positive changes by educating the community of the needs of the hospital and letting the people of our area know about the valuable services and equipment that is available to them,” said the new Sierra View Foundation Chair and Bank of Sierra Market President, Janice Castle. “My goal is to support the hospital in obtaining necessary state-of-art equipment and to assist with providing the best health care available for Porterville residents and those in outlying areas.” Janice has served as a foundation board member for close to 15 years, as she feels the hospital is a crucial part of Porterville and that it is imperative to be involved to help make our healthcare system and community as best as can be.

Tara Everett, the new SV Foundation Co-Chair and one of the top sales representatives at Central Valley Business Forms, has also worked closely with SVMC staff for many years and has seen first-hand what the hospital provides to the community. She has enjoyed seeing her volunteer efforts on the foundation go towards a good cause and is ready to help in an even greater way this year. “I would like to see more of the community aware and engage in events hosted by the foundation so that we can continue to raise money that is used to support SVMC; whether it be purchasing necessary and more sophisticated medical equipment or other needs that benefit our local medical center. By growing our events and making them more profitable, it will help us all as a community in the long run.”

Marty Lalanne, SV Treasure and CPA of her own local firm has been a dedicated and active member of the foundation for several years and views giving back to the community’s hospital an essential philanthropic component to a thriving healthcare system, especially in these long unprecedented times when those on the front lines have been doing everything in their power to provide medical needs to the residents in the Porterville and surrounding areas. “I’ve personally experienced what Sierra View has to offer when my mother was receiving treatment at the Cancer Treatment Center (CTC) and I believe it’s important to promote the hospital’s top notch care and programs that are available to our community,” said Marty. “Sierra View is a jewel and although it may seem like only a small amount of contribution from us, considering the magnitude of necessary amenities and equipment needed, I continue to volunteer because I believe in the people and level of care at Sierra View and would like to help change the perception of the hospital.”

Michael Gutierrez, SV Foundation Secretary and local owner of the Century21 Real Estate in Porterville and other franchise locations in the south Central Valley, has always felt that giving back to the community is vital and looks forward to his new role as the foundation’s secretary and making a difference alongside similar minded members. “The intrinsic rewards of making a difference in supporting Sierra View are the most lasting but there are real life changing and lifesaving programs and technologies that we support the hospital with,” said Michael. “We really are all in this together. Not just the foundation members, but the general public at large. I think it is one of our responsibilities to make sure that message gets out.”

All four SV Foundation chair members uphold the mission of the foundation which is to invest in the future by promoting community philanthropy, building lasting relationships, and promoting a positive image of Sierra View Medical Center. Although the pandemic is not over, and the fundraising events may not be exactly the same this year, the foundation is eagerly looking forward to being able to raise funds and awareness for the hospital to expand and strengthen healthcare services. In fact, the foundation’s annual spring golf tournament is set for April 16, and details are to come soon! For ways to give, visit