A First Impression Goes a Long Way

When you call Sierra View Medical Center, chances are, you have heard the warm and inviting voice of Elizabeth Knight, “Liz” who can quickly put you at ease with her pleasant tone and quick informative way of connecting you to whomever you may need to speak with. “It’s a joy to be able to help those in need,” Liz explains. “I do my best to wear a smile on my face for the people who call our hospital so they can hear it in my voice.” That’s more than 1,000 smiles a day that Liz shares with patients and visitors who call seeking medical care.

“SVMC is a great place to work because the staff is all very supportive and I’m proud that at Sierra View, we put the patients first,” Liz said. “I also like working for Sierra View because we are always willing to help those who turn to us to seeking health care needs and that we can offer several services to our own community.”

Accountability is what comes to mind when Liz explains what value best describes the Communications Department at Sierra View. “There is accountability in transferring and screening calls; acting as a team and relying on one another; being punctual and taking on someone’s shift if needed; and to continually strive for excellence.” Liz says.

Before Liz became a Switchboard Operator at Sierra View 16 years ago, she was an in-home health care CNA and health aid for more than 20 years. It was when she was taking care of patients, where she had the opportunity to travel and see several places she wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It seems that in each of her roles, she enjoys seeing faces light up of those she helped.

A career in health care is in your reach as well. Our current job openings include RN and support positions in a variety of departments. Visit jobs.sierra-view.com to learn more. #openjobs #svmc #healthcare #hospital #california #porterville