New Director Leading Team At SVMC’s Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility (DP/SNF)

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kris Reddell, DNP, RN, CNML on his new assignment as Director of Nursing for SVMC’s 35-bed Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility (DP/SNF). He is now leading a team of more than 60 highly skilled professionals and paraprofessionals in providing specialty care to medically fragile patients who are no longer in need of acute hospital care but still require a higher level of support than that of a traditional skilled nursing facility. Services include, but are not limited to, specialty care tailored to ventilator-dependent patients and those requiring 24/7 respiratory therapy.

During the pandemic, Dr. Reddell’s priorities include maintaining a safe environment for DP/SNF patients who are at higher risk for COVID-19 infections. Currently, the facilities are only accessible to DP/SNF staff and SVMC staff from other departments have restricted access.

Previously, Dr. Reddell led the Critical Services team in delivering care to patients with serious health problems needing intensive medical care and monitoring. When the opportunity arose to take on the responsibility of the DP/SNF facility and team, he welcomed it with open arms. Of his 24 years leading the Critical Services team at SVMC, he says, “It’s all about culture. Culture allows endurance both during good and difficult times, such as today.” Dr. Reddell brings the same passion for continuing to cultivate a positive work culture to the DP/SNF. “The culture, the team spirit,” he says, “really helps a team get through crisis and endure trying times such as these.”

Recently having completed his Doctorate of Nurse Practice with an emphasis on Advanced Leadership in Healthcare, Dr. Reddell brings 30 years of nursing experience to this new role where he will be working with nurses, CNAs, respiratory therapists and other staff, all with the health of DP/SNF patients in mind. In the coming years, SVMC plans to expand the DP/SNF facility.

Dr. Reddell is a long-time Central Valley resident. In his spare time, Dr. Reddell enjoys setting aside time for running, hiking, snowshoeing, and having a nice quiet meal for two with his wife Lisa, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. To learn more about the SVMC Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility, please visit