COVID patient thanks Sierra View Medical Center

Copied from the Letters To the Editor - The Porterville Recorder, March 12, 2021 Publication 

This is a letter to praise the care I received at Sierra View Hospital. I got COVID February 1, 2021. By the time I finally went tot he hospital emergency room in the middle of the night, I was scared, couldn’t breathe. I felt panic.

I was cared for immediately. Pulling up, immediately a nurse met our vehicle with a security guard. It as a fast response, checking my vitals, testing positive for “COVID 19.” Again, Dr. Abbassi gave wonderful care, realizing I needed help and admitted me.

During my week stay, I had the kindest, caring nursing. As I was checked to upstairs, Leo and Abel were there to assure me I would be taken care of and the compassion of being treated quickly was great.

The “COVID-19” quick attention and keeping others safe from me is a plus. On the third floor that week I was given the best care. The nurses go through so much to keep any spread from happening.

Masking up, gowns, “thumbs up,” as they check on you, walking by to make sure you’re OK. All of the nurses coming, checking to see that your needs are well taken care of.

Todd , who constantly did blood draws and 2 others. Excellent professionalism. X-ray tech, I just can’t say enough!
Nurses every shift change, with such positive attitudes. Dr. Abbassi, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Reddy made sure I was informed on my progress.

Two weeks later I ended up back at the ER. Trouble breathing and tested COVID positive at the Veterans Hall again on February 25. I was treated and released. Diagnosed by Dr. Sohrabi with common after effects with COVID/pneumonia. He gave me a strong antibiotic and I am now on the positive side.

He was a fantastic doctor and excellent nurses again. COVID-19 is wicked for those it attacks. No taste, no smell, fever and chills, horrible lung and heart effects, B.P. up and down. Aches unreal. Headaches.

My entire family was affected by the COVID-19. It is very serious. Mask up and be safe. Respect those who want to distance. Thank you for the prayers and God Bless. Everyone should take it very seriously. Bless those on the front lines!

Sherri Shields