She Left an Impact on Many

Minnie, was the employee everyone knew at SVMC and when you saw her hard at work or in passing, you couldn’t help but smile.

Before she worked in SVMC’s Environmental Services Department, Minnie spent much of her early career in the citrus industry and the opportunity to work at SVMC was a pivotal and positive change in her life. From the beginning, when she started working here, Minnie felt she was treated with respect by everyone she interacted with including management and leaders and felt welcome by SVMC employees in all areas of the hospital. The feeling was mutual, including her co-workers that she worked along-side every day.

“Miss Minnie has been an amazing employee,” says Shannel Stewart, SVMC EVS-Aid. Minnie was one of the first employees that Shannel met when she began working at SVMC five years ago. As she reflected on and shared how Minnie was immediately so nice and kind to her from that day forward, you could see her beaming through her mask. “My time with her has been a blessing and she has been there through the best and the roughest times and has always been the person that I went to when I needed someone to talk to.”

Minnie was a dedicated employee who embodied all of our core values of compassion, collaboration, accountability, integrity and respect each and every day no matter the circumstances. When asked what made her stay here for over a decade and finish her career at Sierra View, Minnie responded that she enjoyed working with so many nice collogues and that she was proud she was making a difference in a patient’s experience. Her career journey ended at her happiest and we are grateful that she was able to do that here at Sierra View. Even though she recently retired, we can still see her in our thoughts with a warm and sincere smile followed by a "hello, how are you?" or a wave from a distance. 

There is much opportunity for a healthcare career in clinical and support departments at SVMC, where people like Minnie find themselves at their happiest.