EVS: Keeping the Hospital Safe and Sanitary

Assigned to every area of the hospital, members of the Environmental Services Team (EVS) are essential to keeping the hospital clean and well-maintained. During this pandemic, the EVS team continues to play a crucial role in Sierra View Medical Center’s Infection Prevention strategy. Demonstrating a great deal of flexibility, the team has adapted to every quickly-changing guidance at the local, state, and national levels. But the rigor of keeping tough microbes and viruses far from patients and staff is something that the EVS team is used to. EVS team members are local experts in handling any cleaning scenario. Their daily responsibilities include maintaining the sanitation of patient rooms and all hospital areas, including COVID-19 areas and the ICU, labor & delivery rooms, and the ER.

“It’s been amazing to watch my team pull together, cover each other’s back,” says Director of EVS Mike Cunningham. He leads the team of 51 and recognizes the commitment it takes to persevere despite a pandemic to keep the hospital safe, secure, and sanitary for every patient, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are interested in choosing a career in health care, there are many ways to become a health care worker. From EVS to the ICU to business support offices, there is a place for all individuals wishing to make a difference in local health care. Learn more at jobs.sierra-view.com.

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