SVMC OB Techs with Over 20 Years of Experience

Norma Acosta and Arlene Say, OB/GYN Technicians (OB Techs), of the Maternal Child Department at Sierra View help in ensuring our youngest patients and mothers are in a safe and clean environment for delivery, as well as keeping documentation and records up to date throughout the procedure.

From collecting a baby’s very first weight and measurements to performing hearing tests and assisting doctors and nurses during labor and delivery procedures, Alrene and Norma both have more than 20 years’ of experience at Sierra View.

With more than two decades at Sierra View, they know a thing or two about commitment, dedication and collaboration. Their secret to a happy career? Their department’s teamwork and a shared commitment of caring for their patients during their journey of bringing new life into the world. In fact, Norma knows first-hand what it’s like as a patient in her own department, after delivering all three of her daughters at Sierra View. She shared that with each of her daughters being born at Sierra View, it was very apparent that the team on the fourth floor truly has respect for their patients and each other.

When asked what a new teammate might expect in the Maternal Child Health department, Arlene said that being open to learning and always being curious would be a part of their success. She said even though she has been with Sierra View since the mid-90’s, she is always learning something new each day.

The Sierra View Maternal Child Department currently has open positions including for new OB Techs. Whether you are new or experienced within healthcare, Sierra View has opportunity and teammates that are all-in with a common goal of doing their part in providing the best care for their patients. If you are looking for career growth at the heart of Central California’s South Valley region, consider Sierra View. To learn more and apply, visit

For all full time CNA , LVN and OB Techs – Certified roles, will now receive a $1,000 sign-on bonus paid out over one year and must have one year acute care experience to qualify.