Brendan Ward's Special Superpower is Illustration

Brendan Ward is a newer member of the Central Processing team. As a CP Tech, he helps ensure the integrity of medical equipment used in surgeries and other procedures. But he also has expertise in the field of media, animation and illustration! Before beginning a career in health care, Brendan received a bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of California, Hollywood Campus, after graduating from Porterville High School. When he returned to the South Valley, he took a job at Kaweah Delta, where he worked for three years before making his way home to Porterville. Having joined our team in July of this year, Brendan says his creative skills help him visualize where instruments belong by department.

Brendan says his personal passion continues to be art and he currently takes commissions for custom work. His most recent work of art? An expertly hand-drawn team portrait featuring each member of the Central Processing team! “Everyone’s very personable and helps each other. It’s a lot of fun working here,” he says.