Carol Bennett Retires After 26 Years at Sierra View Medical Center

Carol Bennett’s health care career at Sierra View Medical Center began in January of 1995 and today, she retires after 26 years of service to her community. As a Phlebotomist Certified Lead and woman in science, Carol says she has learned plenty from her teammates in the lab, including the Clinical Lab Scientists. But despite her love of lab work, it’s actually the people that helped Carol choose Sierra View as her career home. Carol says it was “doing something to help patients,” that motivated her to enter a science-driven department in health care. “I’ve met a lot of really good people. Some are going to be lifelong friends,” says Carol.

During this pandemic, Carol has performed numerous COVID-19 tests while helping as a frontline employee at the Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Station at Sierra View’s Medical Office Building on Pearson Dr. Her message to the community is to take safety precautions and, when possible, become vaccinated.

Carol has seen Sierra View grow over the years. While it was her teammates that made her stay here, it was also the administration. “I always felt that you could go in to talk to them if you felt the need,” says Carol. She says she always felt comfortable speaking with anyone, including the CEO, CFO or the HR department to share feedback.

In her retirement, Carol plans on spending more time with her son AJ and her golden retriever Dakota. And Carol will still be making occasional stops at Sierra View. She has hummingbirds to check in on. Five years ago, when the Lab department moved into the new state-of-the-art building on Putnam Ave., Carol wanted to bring even more joy to the building and placed two bright hummingbird feeders for walkers-by to enjoy. Before heading out, she made sure that one of her teammates was ready to take over feeding the adorable hummingbirds!

Carol, for your many years of service, we thank you and wish you a joyful retirement with your loved ones. You’re welcome back anytime!

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