Finding Her Place & Purpose : SVMC Radiologic Technologist

You know that feeling or moment in life when you know you have found your place and purpose and
you beam with pride by just thinking about it? For Brenda Duran, one of SVMC’s Radiologic
Technologists, that special moment happened when she returned to Sierra View and accepted the
Radiologic Technologist position right here in her own hometown last month.

Brenda always knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, but it wasn’t until she was a Radiology
Scheduler at SVMC from 2015 to 2019 when she acquired an interest in diagnostic X-ray procedures. Her
team fully supported and encouraged her in pursuing a career in radiology as she finished a two-year
Radiologic Technology Program in Bakersfield.

Brenda could not say enough positive things about the radiology team when asked what it’s like to be
back, but in a new role. She immediately said that everyone welcomed her back with open arms, and
she explained that although she is a newer tech, the team has confidence in her skillset yet is open to
showing her their techniques and answering any questions along the way. She enjoys being a part of a
team that is truly team oriented who genuinely wants her to succeed. Not only
does this fuel Brenda’s motivation to do her job the best she can, but it adds to the pride she has in
knowing she is an asset.