A Bittersweet Retirement

Maria Martinez, RN describes the feeling of retiring as bittersweet. After being with Sierra View Medical Center for over 21 years, she says her favorite thing about the organization is the people. She will miss getting up in the morning and caring for others alongside teammates who also have a special place in their hearts for our community members.

Following 20 years in Med/Surg and ICU, Maria’s latest position at Sierra View has been within the Cardiac Cath Lab since 2020. She really enjoyed learning all there is to know about the human heart and the different types of cardiac procedures now available at Sierra View. From the time Cath Lab patients are checked in up until their discharge, Maria is there to help, and it will take some time to get used to not doing this day in and day out.

Maria always knew she wanted to be a nurse. After working in retail for several years and starting her own family, she had the opportunity to go to college and chase her career dream. Through nursing school and in preparing to become an RN, she met Tori Lee, MSN/ED, RN, who has become a friend and is Director of Cardiac Cath Lab & Interventional Radiology.

Torri and Maria worked in Critical Care at the same time and reunited in the Cath Lab. “Maria is one of the best,” Torri Lee, MSN/ED, RN said. “I’ve worked with her for several years, and she has a heart of gold and she is so very dependable. We’ve joked about her being ready for retirement for quite some time, but now that it really is happening, it’s going to be tough saying goodbye.”

While Maria may miss all the people she works with and her work routine, she looks forward to spending time with her four children and 12 grandkids. In fact, to be even closer to them, she will be moving from Porterville to Tulare.

We wish you the best Maria! We hope your days are filled with making memories, soaking up all the special moments and traveling with your family members. You will always hold a special place in the hearts of your teammates and patients.