Recognizing Those Behind the Scenes - HR Week 2022

Healthcare Human Resources Week, March 14-18, is designated to recognize HR professionals in health care organizations throughout the nation for their vital role across the continuum of care. This week is also a time to shed light on a truly unique set of individuals within our healthcare district and express gratitude for the HR Team, who works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything running at Sierra View.

The healthcare landscape has never been more complex, and our HR Team must navigate an enormous spectrum of matters, including but not limited to: talent fluctuations, compensation and benefits, employee wellness, federal, state, and local regulations, and ever-evolving technology.

“The HR team often has a difficult job, but they are passionate about helping employees; from answering simple questions, to helping them navigate through very difficult situations either at work and sometimes in their personal life, due to a serious medical condition,” Tracy Canales, VP of Marketing and HR said. “It can be a thankless job at times, but our reward is doing the right thing and helping employees.”

The Sierra View HR Team lives out all the organization’s values daily. They have compassion for each employee and situation. They collaborate regularly with different departments. Our HR Team members are accountable to each employee, the healthcare district and most importantly, themselves. Each person in HR has integrity in dealing with difficult situations and they are one hundred percent committed to doing the right thing. In HR, it is crucial to have respect for each employee, each other, policies and processes and it is very apparent the SVMC Team upholds this value.

“I think what sets our HR team apart is that we truly care about each employee,” Tracy Canales, VP of Marketing and HR said. “We strive to be approachable and the voice of the employee. I don’t know of any other HR team that ‘rounds on employees’ by going to the employee’s environment and checks in on them. Sometimes it’s as simple as bringing the Care Cart around with a smile.”

Each day, our HR team confronts new challenges head-on to develop valuable solutions ensuring that those providing patient care are getting everything they need to offer quality care. It is with our pleasure, as an entire organization to say thank you for all that you do during Health Care HR Week!