Uber/Porterville TransPORT now available for SVMC Patients

Did you know that SVMC has the ability to assist patients with transportation through Uber TransPORT rides. These rides are scheduled through Uber and provided by the Porterville TransPORT vans for $5.00 throughout the City of Porterville, Strathmore and now available to Lindsay.

Transportation is a prime reason for missed appointments, non-compliance with care plans and difficulty discharging patients home. And as we all know, the taxi and medical transport systems can be inconsistent and this helps provides rides in a more timely fashion.

The TransPORT vans are ADA compliant, and provide the ride directly door to door. TransPORT can be used by anyone at any time for that same $5.00 per ride. But we realize that there will be those patients who don’t have smartphones, or don’t have the financial means to pay for the ride through the Uber app. These are the patients we would like to assist by scheduling and paying for a ride, replacing expensive taxi vouchers.

However, our hope would be that we could assist patients in obtaining their own Uber TransPORT rides through the Uber App on their cell phone. Helping patients and families gain the ability to access transportation at any time, gives them the personal autonomy to see doctors, shop and access community services whenever they need to.

As one patient’s spouse shared, “Thank you so much for your help yesterday. The use of the Uber App (after the initial set up) was quite easy! The driver was very pleasant and courteous to my husband and the cost is a bargain!”

The TransPORT rides can be arranged through Care Integration and Bridge Services during normal business hours and with the House Supervisor staff after hours for those in need. But you can always help the patient and their families load the Uber app on their own phones!

Download the Uber App today, at https://www.uber.com/us/en/ride/

This message is brought to you by SVMC’s Bridge Services Team. Our approach to improve the health of our community and enhance access to care is to provide healthcare education, work collaboratively with community partners and to make a positive impact on social determinants of health. Learn more by visiting www.sierra-view.com/BridgeServices