Watching Over Lolly

We often hear the term, 'going above and beyond', but when you add Michelle Cacy, Perioperative Clinical Educator, of SVMC's Surgical Services in front of this term and add in a lifesaving situation of a fellow employee, you get a heartwarming story.

A few months back, Lolly looked pale, was in much pain, and was on the verge of collapsing while working. Lolly is a tough person and thought she just felt off and that the pain would reside after taking pain medication. Both Christen Rios, Director of Surgical Services and Michelle were nervous for her well-being and did not want her going home without being evaluated.

Michelle assessed her and when palpating her abdomen, sides and back, she grimaced and said they all hurt. She then had a medical response team asses her. As the blood pressure cuff went on, she could not raise her arm. Standing and sitting was also painful for her. It took much persuasion, but she allowed Michelle to take her down to the ED where it was determined that she had to have emergency surgery and had a gastric ulcer.

Because Lolly doesn't have family nearby, Michelle stayed with her through the night during surgery. She continued to check on Lolly every day she was in the hospital. When discharged to a SNF, Michelle went on her lunch break and after work every day to check on her to make sure she was eating and well taken care of. Just before Lolly was going to be discharged from the SNF, Michelle went to her home, made sure everything was working properly, got her AC up and running and made sure she had food. As Lolly was recovering at home, Michelle made sure that she got to her appointments and took care of her beyond the care she needed to recover from surgery.

Today, Lallage “Lolly” Lentzner, SVMC EVS Team Member, who’s main area of work is within the Surgical Services unit, has returned to work after weeks of recovery from emergency surgery and has Michelle Cacy to thank for being with her every step of the way.

“Michelle is not related to Lolly, and has no obligation to care for her in the capacity that she has, but has continued to help this employee out of the kindness of her heart,” Christen Rios, Director of Surgical Services said. “Michelle has gone way beyond living out the values of SVMC and we are truly happy to see Lolly back.”

In healthcare, our intuition is to care for others; our clinical staff has a keen eye for when something isn’t right; and e strive to give the best care we can. Michelle has set the standard on going above and beyond for one of our own at SVMC and we are grateful for what she has done for Lolly.