From Curiosity to Valuable Collaboration Between RCP and PGY1 Resident

Dr. Victoria Lopez, one of the PGY1 Residents here at SVMC, was curious as to what some of the specific processes were for patients seeking care from our very own Board Certified and Registered Respiratory Therapists and Practitioners. Little did she know that her curiosity would establish a sense of collaboration and spark recognition of the important contributions RCPs at SVMC have in patient care.

Since Dr. Lopez started her residency during the pandemic, she was familiar with patients needing treatment for chronic conditions, but she wanted a full understanding of the general respiratory therapy processes that our RCPs have in place by observing what a day in the life of an RCP at SVMC was like.

Respiratory Care Practitioner, Mistie Moreno, was more than happy to take her through the processes and motions of caring for the patients requiring respiratory therapy. Mistie is passionate about learning and giving the best care to her patients and was pleased that Dr. Lopez wanted to observe her.  

For Mistie, by learning what Dr. Lopez was wanting to know more about, she feels she can better communicate with physicians and feels more comfortable making suggestions. This triggered a sense of pride in what she and her department do daily behind the scenes. This made a unique impression not only on Mistie, but on the Respiratory Therapy Department as a whole.

It's hard to cut through our busy daily schedules all while striving to provide the best care we can, but sometimes it takes an interaction just as Dr. Lopez and Mistie had, to find a mutual common ground where knowledge, respect and pride come to life. It is interactions such as these that foster collaboration and much more in a healthcare system.