Latest Retiree is Leaving a Legacy of Compassionate Leadership and Commitment to Community Welfare

Sierra View Medical Center bids a heartfelt farewell to Marcella "Marcy" Wallace, Patient Access Director, as she embarks on a well-deserved retirement after a 21-year journey with the organization. Upon retirement, Marcy shares and reflects on her rewarding career and the impact she has had on SVMC and the Porterville community.

Choosing SVMC over two decades ago, Marcy initially joined as a part-time registration clerk. Over the years, she climbed the ranks, becoming Patient Registration Supervisor, transitioning to the Manager role in Health Information Management (HIM), and eventually returning to Patient Access as Manager and Director. Marcy expressed gratitude for the growth opportunities SVMC provided, emphasizing the joy of witnessing and contributing to positive changes within the organization. Her leadership journey was not only educational but deeply fulfilling, allowing her to build lasting friendships and work with incredible individuals.

Having moved to Porterville as a teenager, Marcy has a strong connection to the community. Raised by a father who played a role locally, she actively participated in community initiatives. Marcy appreciated the chance to raise her family in Porterville, showcasing her commitment to the town. Even after relocating to Palmdale six years ago, Marcy continued to commute weekly, demonstrating her dedication to SVMC until the decision to retire was made to prioritize her family.

In her role as Patient Access Director, Marcy highlighted the crucial impact her department has on patients and SVMC team members. Serving as the first point of contact, they set the tone for patients' visits, emphasizing the importance of a friendly and efficient approach. Marcy took pride in the Patient Access department's outstanding 98% registration accuracy rate, underlining its pivotal role in the Revenue Cycle. Additionally, she stressed the significance of easing patient concerns with care and efficiency, ensuring a positive experience from the moment they engage with SVMC.

Beyond her job duties, Marcy actively participated in service committees, particularly enjoying her involvement in the Communications and Culture Teams. She reminisced about organizing quarterly town hall meetings and highlighted the Water Drive project in 2015, where the SVMC community collected 2,000 gallons of water during a severe drought—a testament to the organization's unity for a greater cause.

Looking ahead, Marcy expressed her desire to see SVMC continue its mission, vision, and values post-retirement. The organization's values—Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect—resonate deeply with Marcy. She emphasized how Compassion consistently comes to life in her departments, both towards patients and colleagues. The genuine concern for patients and the supportive atmosphere among team members define the compassionate culture Marcy has cultivated.

As Marcy steps into retirement, she eagerly anticipates dedicating more time to her passion for writing. With a novel near completion and positive feedback on her screenplays, she is poised to immerse herself in the creative process. Additionally, Marcy looks forward to spending quality time with her nine grandchildren, embracing the joys and busyness they bring.

Sierra View Medical Center is grateful to Marcy for her invaluable contributions and wishes her a fulfilling and joyful retirement. Her legacy of compassionate leadership and commitment to community welfare will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on SVMC and those fortunate enough to have worked alongside her.